Most people have no idea how good their body is meant to feel
— Eleni Wilding

A Unique Perspective

Hi!  I'm Eleni Wilding and I'm so glad you're here!  

Since 2004 I've been a wellness counselor at a respected health food store here in Utah. I'm in the trenches daily educating people about natural approaches to everything from toenail fungus to terminal disease.  We love it when these same people later come find us saying, “what you told me changed everything!” Often we barely recognize them, their transformation is so dramatic. What a reward!

I know what's hype and what actually works since I'm privileged to see real-life results daily, for over a decade.  People trust us to give them the most current alternative health information available.  Because of this I have a rare and unique perspective to offer.

In 2007, I began coaching nutrition clients privately.  My clients include professional athletes and doctors, to grandmas with jelly-­belly.  I teach a simple approach addressing what it really takes to attain health and weight goals in today's world, and then how to keep that healthy body the rest of their life!

Most recently I partnered with a master herbalist to create the first completely natural weight loss product which stops sugar cravings on the spot.  This idea came by observing some of my private coaching clients struggle to overcome cravings which would sabotage their weight loss goals.  That motivated me to create a solution.  We spent 5 years in research and development.  The product will be available soon!  

Mt. Timpanogos, Utah 2017

Mt. Timpanogos, Utah 2017

Teaching And Sharing The How-To's of Living A Healthy life!

But I didn't start out healthy.

I began life in Southern California as a sickly child, most likely as a result of my mom who lived as a starving teenager in occupied Greece during WWII.  After marriage and multiple miscarriages she finally gave birth to me.  

It still gets to me that I am one generation away from starvation!

Being born to a mother who was malnourished as a teen had its complications. I was misdiagnosed with leukemia at the age of four.  I was very sick and could barely get out of bed.  My mom would follow me around with spoonfuls of food (like all Greek mom's!) so I would eat and become stronger.  This wonderful mother of mine lovingly made our family real food meals long before “real food” became a buzzword.  Little by little I got healthy.

In my teenage years my favorite reading material was books on natural health.  I read everything I could find, which wasn't much in the 1970's.  I used myself as the “working laboratory,” figuring out what worked and what didn't.  It wasn't long before I got myself into great shape, went to college, got married and decided to raise my children antibiotic free.  I wanted to see if it was possible.  It is!

Even though I gained my health, I still went completely grey as a 32-year-old (love it!)  

Discovering A New Challenge

In my 40's I entered the Body-For-Life, challenge.  How many of you remember that?  I followed their outlined program and after 12 weeks went from 28% bodyfat to 18% bodyfat!  No kiddin'!!  I sent my before and after pics, was recognized as a top 2000 finalist, received gifts and a certificate that said,

“Congratulations, you are one of 6% who finished the challenge.”  

What?!!  Only 6% of the people who started actually finished?!!  I was stunned!

That's when it hit me.  This process of losing weight and getting healthy was incredibly hard for almost everyone! Within a month I began coaching Body-For-Life participants.  People needed to know the truth and have a real-­life strategy so they wouldn't be forever dependent on me or some weight loss program/contest/shots/pills, etc.

Today it's gone to new levels of crazy — TV shows boasting extreme weight loss!  

What most people don't hear about is the exact regimen the TV shows put those people through.  I actually know because Utah is the hotbed for Biggest Loser camps, and my friend is one of their coaches — 4 to ­5 hrs. per day of exercise while consuming about 1200 calories of food, cooked for you by a chef.  Yeah, now that's real life!

Hawaii, 2013

Hawaii, 2013


Today I coach people from all over the country — grandmas, athletes, doctors, “hard cases” sent by personal trainers, and regular people who just need some guidance.  My formula for health works in all different situations and with every kind of food protocol.  I teach people how to transform their health, transform their body, live with energy and maintain it for a lifetime!