It takes consistency — not perfection
— Eleni Wilding

5 Keys To A Healthy Life — Starting Today!


There isn't a more powerful formula to change your health AND your life than these 5 Keys of the Foundation For Good Health.  I teach this information to every single person I have the privilege to work with.  

Once you recognize the importance of these 5 keys, you can quickly assess where the gaps are in your transition to a healthy lifestyle.  

1. Real Food Nutrition:

Real food, in proportions that are right for you consists of proteins, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, whole grains, the right dairy, and water,  

That's it.  Period.  

Real food means as close to how you'd find it in nature as possible.  Take bread for instance. While a perfectly healthy choice for some people, in reality it's a couple steps removed from what grows out in the field — a wheat kernel.  An ear of corn, on the other hand, comes directly from a plant as is.

Unfortunately today people are inundated with complicated meal plans, eating time schedules, cleanses/detoxes, get-healthy protocols, diets, etc, etc, etc. 

Eating for good health is actually very simple — and should be kept simple. 

2. Exercise:

Unless you're an athlete, exercise isn't a complicated gym strategy which has you pumping iron for hours.  

Exercise is just moving your body every day doing things you like doing.  Walk, lift weights at the gym, dance, swim, Crossfit, hike, play outside with your grandkids, bike, garden, run – just move!  

You may be surprised to find out it doesn't require hours of intense exercise to achieve your health and weight loss goals.  Ten focused minutes of lifting weights daily can produce results, especially if you're also addressing the rest of the 5 Keys!  

What are your goals?  

  • swimsuit-ready? 
  • in shape for vacation?  
  • live healthier?  
  • "out-work" and "out-play" the youngsters? 
  • sleep all night and wake up refreshed? 

You choose, and I'll teach you how to shape your exercise to match your goals.  I can assure you a healthy, energized body will not only cause you to feel better than ever, but will most certainly lead you into all sorts of new adventures!

3. Correct Supplementation:

Food isn't as healthy as it used to be.  Sorry, but it's true.  And, people aren't eating the variety of fresh foods they did in the past. 

Our bodies, even though totally fed, are actually quite depleted of nutrients.  In fact there has never been a time in history when people have been more fed and less nourished!  

The best way to fill in gaps where your food isn't covering is with correct supplementation. However, more is not better.  

Correct supplementation provides just what your body needs, in the amounts your body needs. Nothing more, nothing less.

4. Sleep:

The bottom line is your body needs 7 to 9 hours each night.  This is something which can't be cheated.

Every cell in your body is rejuvenated during the normal sleep cycle.  I know people who think they can thrive on less, but they're only fooling themselves.  Most people have no idea the price they pay by being sleep deprived:

  • depressed immune system
  • decreased brain function (fuzzy thinking) 
  • wrinkles (accelerated aging)
  • lack of energy
  • no libido

Along with a long list of other health challenges. In fact, lack of sleep can even make you fat!¹ 

Now, here's the good news, restorative sleep is a habit which anyone can learn even if your insomnia is chronic. However, for the chronically sleep deprived it takes much patience with the process.   


5. Stress management/Positive mind management:

Stress, as well as the conversation that goes on in your head, can be a real stumbling block on your path to great health.  Today all ages deal with some form of stress.  

Typical stressors include:

  • divorce
  • financial challenges
  • poor relationships
  • overloading on junk food
  • lack of sleep
  • Even starting a new exercise program causes stress!  

Learning how to manage your mind and reducing your stress is critical to living well.  When I say 'manage your mind' I mean challenging the random thoughts that pop into your head.  Your own mind can be a real bully and you ought not believe everything you think!  

Learning to apply easy mind management techniques, adopting a plan for simple stress relief, and finding joy in each day can go miles on your journey to better health. 

Why Not Begin Now!

The bottom line is, no matter where you are today, it is absolutely true that you can improve your health and reach your wellness goals.  

More importantly, it doesn't require drastic lifestyle changes.  Implementing these 5 powerful keys will transform your life! 

  1. Eat Real Food

  2. Exercise You Look Forward To

  3. Correct Supplementation

  4. Sleep

  5. Stress Management/Positive Mind Management

BUT, most people actually come to this website to learn how to lose weight.  Here's the most important weight loss tip I have – your perfect weight and getting healthy go hand in hand!  Weight loss is just one result of addressing your overall health!  A healthy body doesn't carry extra lbs.  

Now, make an honest self-assessment.  Look at each of these 5 areas and decide where you can improve. Start with one thing, take it slow and move forward consistently.  

This process of getting optimally healthy doesn't require perfection, and time is on YOUR side!  

Before long you will experience the beginnings of a powerful transformation.  Your energy will increase and your brain will start to work WITH you, rather than against you.  Truly your life will change in every good way.  

But just in case you don't like this process, I always tell people, "Hey, if you don't like your results you can always go back to your old way of doing things!"