Weight loss happens naturally when you focus on getting healthy
— Eleni Wilding

Serious?  the last diet ever?!!


Yep! I'm not kidding.  And guess what?  Most of what you know about weight loss — is wrong! 


It's so amusing when I'm asked about the latest weight loss miracle pill.   I happily blow off the cover and tell them, "it doesn't work."  But, they buy it anyway! By the thousands!

Unfortunately, when it comes to losing weight, people resort to all sorts of crazy, spending bazillions of dollars, even if it could lead to death.  The one thing they resist doing is the one thing that actually works. 

Change the way they eat!


You simply cannot eat like a teenager and think it won't affect your waistline.  And did you know right eating is proven to be MORE effective than exercise for losing weight?¹,²  

Surprised?  In fact, for some people it may be wise to use walking as their only exercise until they've decreased their size and FEEL like doing more.

But remember — without exercise you'll basically be a smaller version of the bigger you.  No swimsuit photo shoots just yet!   

A Billion Dollar Secret

Weight loss is a billion dollar industry and they ferociously keep one fact top secret:

Losing weight is actually difficult.  In fact, it just might be the hardest thing you'll ever do! 

No one wants to hear this!  But look around.  If it were so easy, why isn't everyone fit and healthy?

Certainly if there was an easy way, someone as smart as Oprah would have discovered it by now.  She can hire the best trainers, personal chefs and buy any bottle of anything!

I tell my coaching clients, "If anyone is promoting weight loss as 'easy', they're lying to you — or they're gonna sell you something!"

Acknowledging this fact alone will make a huge impact on progress towards your goal!  


Because you've just managed one of MANY weight loss expectations!  The going will get tough, and YOU won't be blind-sided!

So put your mind at ease.  You're not trapped in fatness forever.  

But get this.  The good news is once you reach your goal weight, maintaining the "best-version-of-you" becomes easy because you paid the price to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle!

eleni moab 1.jpg

A healthy lifestyle changes everything – your outlook, your ambition, your health, even how you pop out of bed in the morning energized to meet the day!

So if you've struggled with losing weight, you're not alone.

So, come onboard and begin YOUR last diet ever!

1. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/08/150817142140.htm

2. http://nutritionandmetabolism.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1743-7075-5-11